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NGS/GENTECH 2005 Press Release
New Jefferson Co., KY book, circa 1820, by Alan Murray, available!

Death Notices for Jefferson County, Kentucky, And other areas, Volume One
Compiled by SSG Alan D. Murray

Published in various formats, this volume represents the first in a series of valuable genealogical research tools by the author. The large format (8.5x11”) research tool  may be acquired from the publisher for public and private research libraries and collections in either:

  • Softbinding ($41.00) - actual soft binding may vary

  • American Library Association Certified library oversewn hard bound ($81.00-occasionally back ordered) - actual soft binding may vary

  • Electronic format on compact disk, digital data in Adobe Acrobat PDF/Portable Document Format (CD-$21.00)

This research tool contains 232 pages and has an every name and place index, in addition to death entries being listed in alphabetical order.

This book contains death notices, obituaries and articles concerning the passing of individuals in the 1800’s. A small sampling of inscriptions from tombstones of local cemeteries has also been included in this volume. Notices/Articles were taken from the Annual City Report for Louisville, Newspapers, and Death records for Jefferson County. An effort was made to insure that text placed in this book mirrors that of the source document, thus spellings found in this text, reflect the original document. When text was illegible or difficult to read, transcription was attempted and is marked as such.

While documenting Jefferson County deaths, many other death notices were included. These took into consideration members of families that were left behind as others moved westward. Thus, a family may have members spread along the Ohio River from Pittsburgh all the way down to New Orleans or spread along the wilderness trail. Taking into consideration this possibility, all death notices from newspapers were included, regardless of place of death.

This reference resource can be purchased from the publisher by PayPal online:

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Or by phone at 918-542-4148 with Visa or MasterCard, or by mail at PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370. Depending upon format preferred, this book will cost from $28.00-$91.00, standard postage included.

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