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Local publisher offers quality events for the community

(Further information available upon request)

 The Gregath Publishing Company staff has been a part of the planning and speaking at many events.  However, the events they plan for the family business and that benefit the local community are extra special to them.  Throughout the 1970’s, the company underwrote and co-sponsored many different genealogy themed events in the southeast United States.  As resources were committed in the 1980’s to establishing the Mid-West Division in the Wyandotte, Oklahoma area, Gregath Co. satisfied itself with sending speakers to various genealogical and historical events at venues nation-wide.  The 1990’s saw this period of intense self-development come to an end and the Mid-West Division began seeking exhibitor space.  Guided genealogical tours were also reinstated.

With the beginning of the millennium, Gregath Co. re-instituted their annual event concept.  These events are planned with “that little something extra” in store for the attendees.  Gregath Publishing Company events always include lots of door prizes, goodies and freebies.  This includes a syllabus/source book for the attendees, as well as a full schedule of themed genealogical and historical information.  Since the company is a nationally known publisher and is not generally recognized by geographical location, the staff strives to find venues on an individual basis.  The facilities and actual space chosen have been deemed the best locally available for the topic, planned size, and other factors.  All speakers at these events carry unique credentials and more information on any past or current speaker is available upon request. 

Gregath Co.

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Page Last Updated: May 18, 2015