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Local publisher offered unique Civil War experience

(Further information available upon request)

The Civil War in Indian Territory was the 2000 theme for The Gregath Publishing Company’s annual workshop.  In keeping with the theme, speakers and staff were dressed in period costume.  Held October 21, 2000, this one day workshop focused specifically on various aspects of the Civil War as it occurred in and pertained to Indian Territory. 

The Grove, Oklahoma Community Center was divided into lecture and exhibitor space, which included a snack bar hosted by the Delaware County Genealogical Society for the event.  Because the snack bar was a fund raiser for that society, this workshop is the only Gregath Publishing Company event to date that did not provide free refreshments for attendees. 

The day’s schedule included Steve Warren presenting information on the Last Raid at Cabin Creek.  Steve Cottrell concentrated on the battles and skirmishes in Indian Territory, as well as working with Dennis Walkup for a demonstration and explanation of the uniforms of the day.  Whit Edwards rounded out the day with an informative presentation on historical and genealogical records available.  The attendees were seated at tables in the lecture area, where they enjoyed a hot lunch and some entertainment during the mid-day break.  Vendors at this workshop included, in addition to The Gregath Publishing Company, Stauber Books, Talbot Library, Warren Entertainment, Steve Cottrell, and the Delaware County Historical Society.

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