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Cyndi Howells Seminar 2004

Local speakers enjoy nation-wide summons 

When one deals with The Gregath Publishing Company, they work with knowledgeable and experienced staff.  As an international publishing company that specializes in genealogy and family history, one might not expect to pick up the phone or write an email and get a reply from a professional.  Additionally the staff offer their expertise in lecture form as well as certification classes (via Northeast Technology Center, Afton campus).  Though the President, Fredrea Gregath Cook, and Vice-President, Carrie Ann Cook, answer the requests for most classroom and speaking engagements, all the staff carries at least one area of exceptional proficiency. 

While the company’s founding goal was to be able to offer all services to any and all requests free of charge, the proliferation of interest in genealogy and the nation's changing travel habits have made this impossible.  Although long distance speaking engagements are now charged fees to offset time and resources, local groups are generally extended the founding “free of charge” goal.  The publishing company’s knowledge base provides for a variety of topics.  Interested parties need to contact Gregath Co. with as much of the following information as possible: target date(s), place, length, topic, and any other speaking needs.

Gregath Co.

PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370

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