Murray's City Directory for Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky, For the Year 1820
Compiled by SSG Alan D. Murray

Gregath Co., publisher of Murray's City Directory for Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky, For the Year 1820, would like to announce this compilation by SSG Alan D. Murray.  Published in softbound and electronic format, as well as available for special order in library hardbound format, it will be published in early February of 2007.

The large format (8x11”) research tool  may be acquired from the publisher for public and private research libraries and collections in either economical soft binding with no wait or American Library Association Certified library oversewn hardbinding through special order.  This volume is also available in electronic format compact disk (CD) accessible by Adobe Acrobat (PDF).  This research tool contains 244 pages and has an every name index.

This book contains information from over twenty different original sources. Information is presented in a way loosely based on the style of a city directory, but includes everything that could be collected on individuals living in Jefferson County, Kentucky during the year of 1820. The book begins with a short historical sketch to give readers a since of the county in that era. The directory information for Jefferson County is followed by a small listing of persons from Bullitt, Shelby counties in Kentucky and New Albany and Jeffersonville, Indiana. These people of surrounding areas were included due to information given through sources from Jefferson County. The directory information includes business, church, school and library, newspaper, bank, Militia Company, Masonic lodge, listings as well as streets, settlements and towns. Revolutionary War veterans known to be living in Jefferson County at the time are also included.

Additional valuable information in this volume includes further notes of interest and a partial cemetery listing. The author made an extensive search for the graves of all individuals listed in this directory. The cemetery listing includes tombstone inscriptions for all persons that were found from 1820, as well as relations to these people.

All formats of this reference resource can be purchased from the publisher through their website, by phone at 918-542-4148 with Visa or MasterCard, or by mail at PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370.  Depending upon format preferred, this book will cost from $28.00-$88.00, postage included.

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