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From: Grove Sun October 31, 1999

Do You Remember: "Historic Sailboat Bridge"
By Joyce M. Gibson

Do you realize in years to come people will be saying "Do You Remember when Sailboat Bridge was built on Grand Lake?"  And they will be referring to the new bridge being built right now!  A lot of people in the future will have no knowledge that another Sailboat Bridge ever existed in that spot on the lake.

In an effort to permanently record and preserve the history of our original Sailboat Bridge from the very beginning to the present.  I am in the process of publishing a photographic history of our first unique "one-of-a-kind" bridge.  The book is filled with our historic photographs and my written research that chronicles the story of our Bridge's history, both the past and what is occurring right now, as the new bridge takes shape.

The Deadline for Pre-publication orders has been extended through November to give those who didn't have the mailing address a chance to order.  You can mail your orders to:   Joyce Gibson, Gibson Studio Collections, P.O. Box 450052 Grove, OK 74345, or place your orders in person at Gibson Studio, 506 S Broadway in Grove, Oklahoma.  Pre-publication prices is $25.00 plus $2.12 tax and $5.00 mailing fee (if your book is to be mailed).  Price after publication is $35.00 plus tax.

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