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Gregath Announces New 2011 Retreat Lecturer
and first four back to basics classes

Gregath Company, Incorporated is pleased to announce the addition of Nancy Calhoun to it's 2011 Back to Basics Retreat teaching staff. Calhoun, Muskogee Public Library Head of Local History and Genealogy, was a well received addition to the 2009 Retreat on the Lake. She will be addressing two fairly common problems that many researchers generally don't take the time to specialize in.

In her lecture "Shakin’ Out the Smiths: Researching a Common Surname", Calhoun will use her own experiences to illustrate basic methods of dealing with this situation. She will also highlight alternate proof sources that are not only of use with common surname difficulties, but various types of other "problem" family members.

While "Runnin’ Down Granny: Researching Female Family Members", Calhoun will present information on finding these illusive women and even on how to “live with them” and in spite of them. It's amazing that these skills sometimes get overlooked, as 1/2 of a direct line's ancestors are female.

In addition to Calhoun's addition to the teaching roster, two previously announced topics, have further information available at this time. Carrie Ann Cook will be presenting basic information on how to make this hobby profitable, beyond furthering your family tree, and the value of proof standards - focusing on the Genealogy Proof Standard and Preponderance of Evidence specifically.

While the retreat is limited to a maximum size of 15, which includes teachers, there is still space available. For the latest on this retreat, visit it's mini-site at, or email Gregath at any time.

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