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Gregath Backlist
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When Gregath Co. began production in 1970, the concept of keeping a backlist was not even considered. In 2007, a project to reconstruct a list of all the titles that have been published by Gregath Company, Inc. began. Gregath has a fine tradition of assisting authors and organizations in their efforts for self-publication. If the title is continued to be carried by this company, the listing will link to the catalog.

If we have missed a book in this backlist, please contact us. Due to privacy issues, we can not provide contact information for any author. However, if the book has been published in the past ten years, you can send a sealed, stamped envelope with your return address containing a letter for an author to us and we'll use our files to address it and send it on to the author. Note that we do not actively keep current contact with authors and our contact information may be out of date.

Note that all titles published by this company do not constitute books that we carry or have ever offered for individual sale. If a title is not hyperlinked, we do not carry it for sale at this time.

Family and Organization Books

Record/Reference Books

History Books


Indexes (electronic)

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Miscellaneous (by title):

Finding and Using African American Newspapers, by Timothy N. Pinnick, 2008

Alpha-Indexer, by Stephen Spencer (Commodore software 5.5" disk & instructions)

He looked into the Box, by Dixie Clifton Miller (Fiction), 1992

Catalog (Gregath), Smashwords Electronic Edition ISBN 978-1-4658-2185-0

Chronology of Ownership of Land in America (1607-1862) & Calendar of American Was and Campaigns (1622-2004), by Gregath Company, Inc.

Collecting My Thoughts (Poetry), by Lela Hills and Holly Moyer, 2011

Expanding Horizions: Colonization and Westward Movement, by Cook - Deluxe Hardbound book coverExpanding Horizons Early Colonization and Westward Movement, by Fredrea Gregath Cook, 1984

Distant Chemistry (Fiction), by Jimicka Alexander, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-615-17867-7)

Personal Estate Planner, from GCI

Finding Love at Home, by Corey Malik, 2009Finding Love at Home, by Corey Malik, 2009, Softbound and Hardbound (Fiction: ISBN 978-0-944619-93-3) | Smashwords Edition 2012

A Love Story with Community Growth in Mind, by Robert Good, to be published 2012, Softbound (Fiction: ISBN 978-1-936091-24-9)

Full Circle with a Tale, by Howell B. Joiner, 2009 (ISBN 978-0-944619-95-7) Out of Print

From the Heart, by Bonnie J. Pellerin Garrett, 2009

A Mother's Viet Nam, by Jesse Abbott

Reproduction of the Oklahoma Extension Homemakers Golden Anniversary Cookbook 1935-1985, Oklahoma Extension Homemakers - 2014Reproduction of the Oklahoma Extension Homemakers Golden Anniversary Cookbook 1935-1985, Oklahoma Extension Homemakers 2nd and 3rd printing - 2008, and 2014 Reprint

Printed Sources for Oklahoma Genealogical & Historical Research, by Paul Follett, 2004, Reprint 2006

Slowing the March of Time Preserving and Protecting Items of Historical Significance, by Carrie Ann Cook, 1999. Free Website Edition or Smashwords Edition - Inquire for printed book.

Uncle Bill's STORIES A Collection of Selected Writings 1998-2008, by William R. Allen, 2008

TIPS and Tidbits for Pages, by Carrie Ann Cook

TOURING Washington DC, by Carrie Ann Cook, in print 1999, 2000 | FREE 2011 Smashwords Edition

Money for Nothing Making Money With Volunteers by Carrie CookMoney For Nothing Making Money With Volunteers, by Carrie Ann Cook, 2007 | 2011 Smashwords Edition

The Untold Stories of Brother Red & the Judas Bonecrushers, by Tony Riggs, 2013The Untold Stories of Brother Red & the Judas Bonecrushers, by Tony Riggs, 2013

WRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure & Profit, by GCI (Gregath, Cook & Cook), all editions through 2011

If you know of a title that should be included in this backlist, please let us know.

Trying to find a copy of a backlisted book? Consider visiting to see where the nearest copy of these books are in public collections that you can access.

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