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Electronic Media - Maryland (Non-Fiction)
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DMK Heritage converts old historic books into a digital format for in-depth research by genealogist and historians with limited time and resources. DMK Editions are not just photographic images of original printed book pages: They are reformatted, indexed and in a searchable font. These books are produced in Adobe PDF format (100% searchable with Adobe Reader or Mac Preview). A new complete surname  index is included. To maintain the integrity of these historic books, images of each page of the books are provided on a separate PDF file to resolve any questions. Both PDF files are placed on one CD for your convenience. The new PDF file is in a cut and paste version.

The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland: A Genealogical and Biographical Review from wills, deeds and church records, by J. D. Warfield. 559 pages, includes original index from 1905 - massive genealogy of the founding families and their relation to each other and the rest of the community. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD028-$20.00

History of Carrollton Manor, Frederick County, Maryland, by William Jarboe Grove. 569 pages, originally published in 1928, includes 34 page index with a variety of spellings. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD029-$20.00

History of Cecil County, Maryland and the Early Settlements Around the Head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River, with Sketches of Some of the Old Families of Cecil County, by George Johnson. 571 pages, originally published in 1881, includes 11 page index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD030-$20.00

History of Cumberland County, Maryland, by Will H. Lowdermilk. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD154-$20.00

Revised History of Dorchester County, Maryland, by Elias Jones. 633 pages, originally published in 1925. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD031-$20.00

History of Harford County, Maryland From 1608 (The Year of Smith’s Expedition) to the Close of the War of 1812, by Walter W. Preston, A. M. Originally published in 1901. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD032-$15.00

Old Kent: the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Notes Illustrative of the Most Ancient Records of Kent County, Maryland, and of the Parishes of St. Pauls, Shrewsbury and I. U. and Genealogical Histories of Old and Distinguished Families of Maryland, and Their Connections by Marriage, &c. 390 pages, includes a 14 page index contains a great deal of information about most of the people in the index. It is full of information concerning births, marriages, and deaths, with an Introduction by George A. Hanson, MA. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD032-$20.00

The History of Montgomery County, Maryland From Its Earliest Settlement in 1650 to 1879: The Early Land Grants – by Whom Patented – Their Order of Settlement and Present Owners – Local and General Events – Leading Incidents – Principal Towns, Villages, &c. – Its Soil, Products, and Industries. Also, Sketches of the Prominent Men of the County, Directory of Post Offices, Merchants, Manufacturers, Professors, Farmers, Tobacco Planters, Mechanics, Mills, Colleges, Schools, and Churches, with an Appendix Containing a Description of the Prominent Business Houses of Washington and Georgetown. Compiled and Arranged from Authentic Sources, by T. H. S. Boyd. 247 pages, originally published 1879 with 171 pages, includes new index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD034-$15.00

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland Its Early History and Development a Series of Sketches Based Upon Original Research, by Frederic Emory. Originally published in Centreville Observer 1886-1887. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD035-$20.00

Old Somerset: on the Eastern Shores of Maryland A Study in Foundations and Founders, by Clayton Torrence. 557 pages, written in 1935, includes 15 pages of index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD036-$20.00

Historical Notices of St. Anne's Parish in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Extending from 1649 to 1857, A Period of 208 Years, by Rev. Ethan Allen. 136 pages, originally published 1857, includes 5 page index (gives ministers, vestrymen, church wardens and others involved with parish). DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD037-$10.00

The Garrison Church, Sketches of the History of St. Thomas' Parish, Garrison Forest, Baltimore County, Maryland 1742-1852, by Rev. Ethan Allen. 189 pages, originally published 1898, includes some biographies and discusses the ministers, church wardens and vestrymen of St. Thomas; Parish. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD038-$15.00

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