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Electronic Media - South Carolina (Non-Fiction)
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DMK Heritage converts old historic books into a digital format for in-depth research by genealogist and historians with limited time and resources. DMK Editions are not just photographic images of original printed book pages: They are reformatted, indexed and in a searchable font. These books are produced in Adobe PDF format (100% searchable with Adobe Reader or Mac Preview). A new complete surname  index is included. To maintain the integrity of these historic books, images of each page of the books are provided on a separate PDF file to resolve any questions. Both PDF files are placed on one CD for your convenience. The new PDF file is in a cut and paste version.

Traditions and History of Anderson County (South Carolina), by Louise Ayer Vandiver. 341 pages, originally written in 1928, contains a 15 page index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD067-$20.00

Court of Equity Records of Barnwell District, South Carolina Abstracts or Genealogical Data Found Therein, by Folks Huxford. 138 pages, includes 6 page index: Full republication of Book 1, (50 pages) and Book 2, (110 pages.) Due to editing, the page numbers and number of pages differ; however, no information has been omitted. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD068-$15.00

Historic Camden (South Carolina) Parts 1 & 2: Part 1 – Colonial and Revolutionary; Part 2 – Nineteenth Century, by Thomas J. Kirkland and Robert M. Kennedy. 977 pages, includes 19 page index, 45 sketches and photos, originally written in 1905. The authors talk about historic Camden as well as Kershaw County and the surrounding area. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD069-$20.00

Click here for Chesterfield County - CD

Click here for Darlington County - CD

Click here for Davids Parish - CD

History of Edgefield County (South Carolina) From The Earliest Settlement to 1897 Biographical and Aneodotical, with Sketches of the Seminole War, Nullification, Succession, Reconstruction, Church and Literature, with Rolls of All the Companies from Edgefield in the War of Secession, War with Mexico and with the Seminole Indians, by John A. Chapman. 536 pages, in addition to the history of the various communities in Edgefield County, Chapman gives information on several families and how the Revolutionary and Civil Wars affected the area. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD070-$20.00

Click here for Florence County - CD

A History of Marion County, South Carolina From Its Earliest Times to the Present, 1901, by W. W. Sellers. 660 pages, with 12 page index, originally written 1902. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD071-$20.00

Click here for Marlboro County - CD

The Annals of Newberry County, South Carolina, by John Belton O’Neall. 328 pages, Newberry history from the beginning of the county until 1858. O’Neall discusses the Quaker, Irish and Pennsylvania settlements and gives extensive biographies on Caldwell, Gilliam, Water, Glenn and other families in the area at that time. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD072-$20.00

The Annals of Newberry (County, South Carolina), Historical, Biographical and Anecdotical, Also Religious, Medical and Literary, by John A. Chapman. 504 pages, with attached index, complements O’Nealls Annals of Newberry (South Carolina) written in 1858. Chapman fills in information that O’Neall left out and continues the history until 1892. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD073-$20.00

History of The Old Cheraws (South Carolina) Containing An Account of the Aborigines of the Pedee the First White Settlements Their Subsequent Progress, Civil Changes, the Struggle of the Revolution, and Growth of the Country Afterword Extending from about A. D. 1730 to 1810 with Notices of Families and Sketches of Individuals, by Alexander Gregg. 610 pages, including index, covers the Old Cheraws District of South Carolina (now counties of Chesterfield, Marlboro, Darlington and part of Florence). This was St. Davids Parish in South Carolina. Gregg tells of the Indian tribes, Inducements to the Settlers, History of the Settlements, the Revolutionary War and the later forming of the counties. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD074-$20.00

The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina from its First Settlement to the Close of the Revolutionary War, by A. S. Salley, Jr. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD075-$20.00

South Carolina two book edition, 254 total pages, includes both History of Old Pendleton District with a Genealogy of the Leading Families of the District by R. W. Simpson. 231 pages includes 9 page surname index, includes general information of the area as well as biographies and family genealogies of prominent citizens. PLUS The Old Stone Church Oconee County, South Carolina, by Richard Newman Brackett. 226 pages, includes 9 page index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD077-$20.00

Rambles in the Pee Dee Basin (Craven, Williamsburg, Marlboro Counties) South Carolina, by Harvey Toliver Cook. 494 pages, includes 38 page index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD076-$20.00

A History of Richland County (South Carolina) Volume One, 1732-1805, by Edwin L. Green. 395 pages, includes 25 page index. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD078-$20.00

Click here for SC Rutledge - CD

Register of St. Phillip's Parish, Charlestown or Charleston, South Carolina, 1754-1810, by D. E. Huger Smith & A. S. Salley. 409 pages, includes index as well as Birth, Christenings, and Baptisms from 1754 to 1801, Marriages 1755-1802, and burials 1753-1802. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD079-$20.00

History of Spartanburg County (South Carolina) Embracing an Account of Many Important Events and Biographical Sketches of Statesmen Divines and Other Public Men, and the Names of Many Others Worthy of Record in the History of their County, by Dr. J. B. O. Landrum. 825 pages, including 20 page index, originally written in 1900. Contains historical and biographical information on families living in Spartanburg County as well as the 1790 census (names only) and extensive information on the men who served in the Civil War. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD080-$20.00

Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina Embracing for the Most Part the Primitive and Colonial History of the Territory Comprising the Original County of Spartanburg with a General Review of the Entire Military Operations in the Upper Portions of South Carolina and Portions of North Carolina, by Dr. J. B. O. Landrum. 384 pages, contains five sketches (maps) and a 7 page index. It is primarily about the Revolutionary War in the Upper part of South Carolina but it also contains brief sketches of the people engaged in those battles. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD081-$20.00

History of the Upper Country South Carolina From the Earliest Period to the Close of the War of Independence, Volume I, plus Notes and Memos for Book II, by John H. Logans. 657 pages, includes 7 page index. Volume 1 was published in 1859; then the Civil War began and subsequent planned volumes were never published. However, in 1910 notes for his second book were published as part of the Historical Collections of Joseph Habersham Chapter of the DAR. To the publishers knowledge, this is the first time that the two have been put together. Logans first volume discusses in detail and stories the animals, Indians, trappers, Indian agents, and early times in the wilderness. Volume 2 would have mainly been concerned with the Revolutionary War through narratives, letters, and other documents. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD083-$25.00

History of Williamsburg, South Carolina Something About the People of Williamsburg County, South Carolina, from the first Settlement by Europeans About 1705 until 1923, by William Willis Boddie. 575 pages, includes 17 page index and covers the history of Williamsburg from its beginning to 1923. DMK Heritage CD - searchable PDF. EAD082-$20.00

See also South Carolina Printed Books

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