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Family History L Section
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LANE - See Dean
LANNING - See Dusky

Family Diversity, The Lauer, Borgmeiere, Bauer Families and the MacCubbin's, by Nancy Lee Waters. 6x9", 428 pages, hardbound book, indexed, photos, includes over 600 surnames. The ancestry of William Edward Lauer back to his 5th great grandfather, Nicolaus Lauer, born about 1665 in Stürzenhard, Germany. Nicolaus was the great grandfather of Simon Lauer, who immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1852. The Borgmeier, Bauer, and Würz families are also documented back to their German homeland. The MacCubbin family is followed from the immigrant, John MacCubbin, through his son, William, to Mary Susanna MacCubbin Lauer. AD2476-$29.99 | Click here for a PDF file containing searchable partial name extract, reviews and more | Click here for more about author's work

LAY - See Early New England Families

Lincks Truncks and BranchesLincks' Trunk and Branches, 1795-1985 Second Edition, by George Lincks, Reprint. 208 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book, indexed, contains photo sections, ISBN 978-1-936091-19-5. Note: This reprint is produced from one of the originally printed books at the Copyright holder's request - using no original materials. R3812-$35.00 | Free Index PDF | E-Book Available

The Linder Family by Penny and O. D. Linder, 1991. 5½x8½", 212 pages, hardbound book, indexed, includes photos, maps, documents, ISBN: 0962751308. AD792-$15.00

Such A Foe As Livingston The Campaign of Confederate Major Thomas R. Livingston's First Missouri Cavalry Battalion of Southwest Missouri, by John C. Livingston Jr., Editor Richard PetersonSuch A Foe As Livingston The Campaign of Confederate Major Thomas R. Livingston's First Missouri Cavalry Battalion of Southwest Missouri, by John C. Livingston Jr., Editor Richard Peterson, 2004. 8½x11", hardbound book, 160 pages, indexed. Livingston was with Brigadier General Stand Waite at the first battle of Cabin Creek. Additionally, one of Livingston’s units of command was the First Missouri Cavalry Battalion, First Indian Brigade, also known as the “Cherokee Spikes”. From back cover: This is the story of the daring swashbuckler, Major Tom Livingston, of Jasper County, Missouri. Holding a Confederate commission, he recruited brave men and formed the First Missouri Cavalry Battalion to challenge Union occupation of Missouri. It details the saga of Livingston, his men, and the plight of Missourians in the midst of a land torn by Civil War and guerrilla warfare. Livingston, well known and hunted by Union commanders early in the war, nearly had his rightful place in history lost as he met with the untimely death in a raid midway through the war. The book tells a story that has been waiting for many years to be told. A subject heretofore mostly unknown, it fills a serious gap in the history of the war in Missouri. About the Author: John C. Livingston Jr., the great-great-grandson of Tom Livingston, spent ten years compiling the biography. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, he lives and works in Colorado. ISBN: 0944619754/9780944619759 AD1004-$31.00

LLEWELLYN - See Zornes

A Lockhart Family in America, by Ann Cochrane Gregath, 1972, updated 2000 by Fredrea & Carrie Ann Cookother formats available by special orderLOCKHART - A Lockhart Family in America, by Ann Cochrane Gregath, 1972, updated 2000 by Fredrea & Carrie Ann Cook. 8½x11", 236 pages, indexed, includes maps, poetry, documents, family information, charts and interesting narrative, photos (not present in the original softbound edition) as well as some Lockhart records from the American Revolution, War of 1812 and the Civil War (Civil War). A branch of the Lockhart family covering more than seven generations from 1744 Lanark, Scotland to America. Includes four generations of frontiersmen in Pennsylvania, Virginia (Lockhart Plantation in Shenandoah Valley), Ohio, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, with some of their descendants and allied lines. From Robert Lockhart in the American Revolution and on to Brigadier General Josiah Lockhart in the War of 1812, these descendants have faithfully served this country, through time. Relive the run for the Cherokee Strip and claim jumpers, as well as life in the Strip prior to statehood, through the eyes of Joseph Josiah and Dora Belle Alexander Lockhart. Allied family information on the Alexander and Oates, as well as others. Click for table of contents and more information.

LOGGINS - See Jenkins

LOMAX - Thomas Lomax And His Descendants, by John B. Lomax, 1995. 6x9", hardbound book, 194 pages, includes 22 photos, second in series - 1517 persons indexed. ISBN: 1892660106 AD321-$43.00

LOMAX - William Lomax And His Descendants, by John B. Lomax, Mary H. White, 1995. 6x9", hardbound book, 468 pages, includes 43 photos, third in series - 5408 persons indexed. ISBN: 1892660024 AD322-$78.00

LOMAX - John Lomax And His Descendants, by John B. Lomax, 1995. 6x9", hardbound book, 448 pages, includes 58 photos, fourth in series - 5733 persons indexed. ISBN: 1892660032 AD323-$71.00

LONDON - See Dusky
See Early New England Families

For more L Surname books see also Oklahoma Section

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