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Money for Nothing Making Money With Volunteers by Carrie CookMoney for Nothing Making Money With Volunteers
by Carrie Ann Cook

Softbound ISBN:

$8.99 Smashwords 2011 Edition ISBN 978-1-4661-5594-7

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This book was originally formulated as a broad-knowledge text and idea booster to accompany and explore, in further detail, information from a lecture given at the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2007 Conference by Carrie Cook of the same name.

Are you:

1.   starting volunteer programs

2.   taking over long established ones or

3.   resurrecting one from the dead?

 If so, this book was written to contain vital information for you. Though the three different types of volunteer chairs above are quite different at a glance, successful ones should all have the same knowledge base.

68 pages, softbound book - perfect bound. This book not only goes over the groundwork for any successful volunteer program but offers a wide variety of projects and how volunteers can help make a success. A companion book to the 2007 FGS lecture by the same name, this contains much more detail and makes a handy reference or volunteer gift.

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Table of Contents (index)

Preface                                                                           iii

Table of Contents                                                          iv

Part 1 – The Basics

In The Beginning….                                                       1

Identifying Roadblocks to Conquer                                3

Evaluate to Improve                                                       5

We Shall Overcome                                                          6

A Healthy Volunteer Program                                          7

Part 2 – Making That Money                                           

Publish or Perish                                                             12

Internal Newsletters and Periodicals                            14

External Periodicals                                                     17

Research Aid Publications                                           20

Extraction/Transcription Books                                   23

History Books                                                              25

Graphic Design                                                            26

Websites                                                                      27

Make fund raising with volunteers an event!                   29

Requests for underwriting or sponsoring                         33

Whose Grant

       and How Much Money Does He Have For Us?        45

Volunteers – Your Goodwill Ambassadors                      48

Drive to Success                                                              49

Successful Fundraising Has Successful Promotion         60

In the End                                                                        63

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Table of Contents |

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This book was put together in the sincere hope that is will be of benefit to volunteers and volunteer programs everywhere. Since this could be considered a “how to” book, the author’s personality has not been edited out of the text. This author, additionally, has tried to make sure that she reminds readers that new, politically correct terms for items and organizations do not change what they are, fundamentally. This book strives to be straightforward.

There are very few conventions in this book. Chiefly, both men and women may be included under the term “he”. Additionally, all of the suggestions in this book should work well with individual projects, full programs, etc. While a person desiring information can benefit from this text, it is written primarily with groups (society, organization, chapter, division, etc.) in mind.

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Table of Contents |

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All book excerpts carry the original book Copyright - reprinted here with permission.


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Note: This book can be special ordered in Library Oversewn Hardbound version - contact us for details.

Smashwords Edition - $8.99

Electronic CD/PDF edition also available - inquire

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