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this form must be completed properly and on file at Gregath before book delivery.
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** Required information - 
If you do not fill in these items completely, the contract is invalid.

As owner or Copyright, I authorize Gregath Company, Incorporated to advertise and sell:

**(TITLE) __________________________________________________________________________

**by ______________________________________________________________________________

**Gregath IBSN _______________________________________________________________

From book inventory I agree to keep with GCI (restock upon GCI request).

Gregath Company, Incorporated will forward, annually, the following 
**(check one and fill out completely)

payment via check to:

Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________

Please include pre-addressed mailing label (choose one) - YES   NO

delivery mailing information and electronic payment via PayPal (email provided below).

Forwarded payment is figured thusly:
Gregath's retail price, which I have established at

less 20% which is **$_______________ (price per book I will receive), times number sold.

I agree to notify The Gregath Publishing Company if there is any other change in the status of the book which may affect the ability of restocking GCI for ISBN sales. 


**Signature                                                                                                            **Date

Phone Number ______________________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________


Subscribed and sworn before me,

this _________________ day of _________________________, 20__.


Commission expires OR Relationship to Signatory _________________________

Description of book for Advertisement (optional):

Size _______

Number of Pages _______

Type of Cover or Electronic Format/Media _______

Does the book contain (please circle) index, photos, maps, documents, coats of arms

Further comments/PR for advertisement and future reference should be placed on reverse or a separate sheet.

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Thank you for your interest.

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