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Electronic Media - Illinois (Non-Fiction)
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DMK Heritage converts old historic books into a digital format for in-depth research by genealogist and historians with limited time and resources. DMK Editions are not just photographic images of original printed book pages: They are reformatted, indexed and in a searchable font. These books are produced in Adobe PDF format (100% searchable with Adobe Reader or Mac Preview). A new complete surname  index is included. To maintain the integrity of these historic books, images of each page of the books are provided on a separate PDF file to resolve any questions. Both PDF files are placed on one CD for your convenience. The new PDF file is in a cut and paste version.

Portrait & Biographical Record of Clinton, Washington, Marion, and Jefferson Counties (Illinois). Originally published in 1894, includes new 18 page index. Biographies contained: Adams, E. J. Adams, J. Q. Adams, James Adams, John Albers, F. H. Alsop, T. E., M. D. Altgeld, J. P. Andereck, Alexander Anderson, Gen. W. B. Armstrong, J. W., M. D. Arthur, Chester A. Atkinson, C. B. Averill, C. F. Baker, David, M. D. Baldridge, J. C. Baldridge, Mrs. Jane Batchelor, D. O. Batchelor, J. E. Bates, Albert Baugh, George Beadle, F. M. Beal, L. N. Beckemeyer, Henry Becker, Henry Becker, Hon. Frederick Becker, Rev. P. J. Beckham, G. B. Bell, Irvin Benson, Hon. James Betts, I. B. Beveridge, John L. Bissell, William H Blair, Hon. W. C. Blazier, G. W. Bond, Shadrach Born, J. W. Braddy, Jasper Brereton, Peter Broening, Max, M. D. Brown, C. M. Bryan, Ron. S. L. Buchanan, James Bullock, Noah Bumpus, W. S. Bundy, W. F. Burdick, Prof. S. G. Burton, Hon. J. W. Campbell. D. F. Cantrell, T. A. Carlin, Thomas Casey, W. M. Chambers, Samuel Chance, J. O. Clark, Amos Clark, Henry Cleveland, S. Grover Coles, Edward Conwell, D. H. Cooper, S. P. Copple, David Cormick, H. G. Corners, William, Jr. Crackel, Jarvis Crawford, T. S. Creed, Capt. James Cull, Adam Cullimore, W. H. Cullom, Shelby M. Cunningham, Capt. James Danner, John Davis, H. B. Davis, J. W. Davis, W. A. Davis, W. S. Dean, W. S. Dees, J. A. Diehl, J. J., M. D. Dodillet, Adolph Donne. R. S. M. Douglas, Thomas Driver, J. R. Droll, Joseph Drum, M. E. Dulany, J. P. Duncan, Joseph Dwight, S. L. Edwards, Ninian Eis, G. E. Eisenmayer, Andrew Eisenmayer, J. C. Emmerson, Morris Ewing, W. L. D. Farmer, Squire Faulkner, Alfred Fifer, J. W. Fillmore, Millard Finley, W. M., M. D. Ford, A. W. Ford, Thomas Forman, Hon. W. S. Foster, W. H. Fouts, David Frazier, S. A. French, A. C. Fry, T. D. Furgerson, J. E. Fyke, J .J., M. D. Gaffner, Theophilus, M. D. Gajewski. A. A. Garfield, James A. Garrison. S. C. Gaylord, P. B. Gee, I. G., M. D. Geiger, George Geiger, John Gilbert, Alvin Gilbert, G. G. Gilbreath, James, Gilliland, J.C. Goodale, N. M. Goodner, J. T. Gragg, Wilson Grant, Ulysses S. Gray, D. S. Gray, T. N. Green, T. J., M. D. Green, W. D. Grosch, Jacob Hallam. J. L., M. D. Hallermann, Joseph Ham, C. P .Hamilton, J. M. Hand, S. L. Hanke, Joseph Harrison, Benjamin Harrison. William Henry Hartley, A. J. Hartley, J. R. Harvey, J. S., Sr. Hatch, J. W. Havill, Capt. F. W. Hayes, Rutherford B Heinzmann, C. L. Heitmeier, Frederick Helm, M. J. Henry, J. T. Henry, Joseph Hester, J. B. Hester, M. P. Hicks, Joseph Hill, Isaac Hitchcock, Maj. James Hobbs, J. S. Hofsommer, Hofsommer, W. J. Holbrook, H. B. Holiday, A. J. Holland, T. G. Hudson, W. P. Huggin J. R. Hummert, Henry Hurd, U. K. M. D. Inglett, A. J. Irvin, Willis Isaac, Frank Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Hon. J. S. Jefferson, Thomas Jennings, C. E. Jennings, Z. C. Johnson, Andrew Johnson, H. F. Johnson, J. H. Johnson, L. C. Jones, E. W. Jones, Col. H. G. Jones, James Jones, L. E. Joy, T. L. Jumper, W. H. Junker, Adam Kagy, Judge J. B. Keister, Henry Kell, C. D. Kell, D. B. Keller, B. F. W. Kerr, J. N. Kerstine, Monroe Kingsbury, Darius Klein, Louis Klutho, Theo, Sr. Knoles, A Knoles, J. R. Koch, Fred Kohl, Ferdinand Krueger, Rev. F. C. Kuhn, Adam Kuhn, John Kurth, Henry Lampen, J. C. Lander, R. S. Larimer, J. W. Lemmon, James Lender, C. F. Lewis, J. B Lincoln, Abraham List, E. R. Livesay, E. C. Logan, Capt. J. A. Louden, W. S. Madison, James Magness, D. B. Marlow, Abraham, Marshall, T. S., Matteson, Joel A. Matthews, L. C. Maxey, Capt. S. T. May, Capt. Jacob McClelland, Henr, McClelland, Jacob McGaffigan, J. J. McKinzie, F. M. Mercer, Silas Merkelbach, Merrill, Esbon Merritt, Hon. T. E. Merten, Edward Miles, Charles Monroe, James Moore, Mrs. D. A. Moore, H. J. Moore, T. B. Morey, C. L. Morey, L. D. Moss, Hon. N. H. Moss, T. L. Newman, John .Newton, J. H., M. D. Nichols, Prof. J. B. Nichols, J. W. Noleman, F. F. Nolting, William Nordmann, John Norman, Jason Norris, M. D. Norris, W. H Norris, V. H. Norton, J. H Oehler, A. O. Oglesby, Richard J. Pace, E. C. Pace, R. F. Page, G. W. Palmer, J. M. Parkinson, O. V. Patchin, L. F. Patterson, Hon. C. F. Patton, O. H. Peavler, Gabriel Pepple, Aaron Perrine, G. H. Peterson, W. T. Phillips, S. Pierce, Franklin Plummer, H. S., M. D. Polk, James K. Pollock, Judge J. M. Posey, B. M. Prather, J. J. Prill, Hugo Frill, Max Puckett, G. H. Quinn, J. C. Ragan. C. W. Reinhardt, Charles Reinhardt, F. F. Rexford, F. D. Reynolds, John Rice, Rev. Alexander, Richardson, W. D., M. D. Robertson, John Robinson, I. W. Robinson, J. D. Robnett, J. M. Rodgers, B. F., M. D. Rohl, Robert Ruf, John Rutherford, J. M. Schroeder, A. W. Schroeder, F. H. Schurmann, Henry Schwind, J. D. Scott, N. H. Scott, W. W. Seibert, Peter Severns, J. C. Shoupe, T. D. Smith, Benjamin Smith, G. G. Smith, H. S. Smith, Kirby, Smith, M. A. Smith, R. F. Sparks, Hon. W. A. J. Spencer, N. W. Spring, J. H. Sprowls, Rev. J. P. Stelle, J. P. Stephens, J. Stoker, Hon. William, Strang, Elisha Sumner, Prof. W. T. Taylor, Hon. A. F. Taylor, Jeremiah Taylor, Zachary Telford, S. G. Thomas, Adolph Thomas, Frank Thompson, J. L. Thon, Jonas Tomkins, F. M. Topping, Dandamus Tufts, Drew Tufts, S. P. Turnbull, James Tyler, John Ullyette, C. B. Utterback, J. C. Utterback, T. H. Van Buren, Martin, Van Hoorebeke Gustave, Vaughan, Hon. J. G. Vaughn, C. G. Vincent, B. P. Wade, John, Sr. Wakeman, J. A., M. D. Wall, J. A. Walraven, Rev. J. C. Walton, Iredill Warfield, B. C. Washington, George Waters, James Waters, O. M. Watson, Albert Watson, Capt. S. H. Watts, A. F. Watts, Benjamin Webb, A. C. Webb, D. R. Webster, Jabez Wedekamper, William Welden, G. B. Welden, W. G. Welling, J. T. Wells, Harvey White, Hon. W. P. Williams, J. D. Wilson, James Wilson, M. B. Winkeler, Henry Wood, John Woodrome, W. R. Woods, Willis Woodward, A. M. Yates and more. EAD015-$20.00

County of Douglas, Illinois, Historical and Biographical with an Outline Sketch of the Northwest Territory and the State of Illinois, By F. A. Battey & Co., 644 pages, illustrated, originally published in 1884, includes new 20 page index. EAD016-$25.00

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History of Tazewell County, Illinois, Together with Sketches of it’s Cities, Villages, and Townships, Educational, Religious, Civil, Military, and Political History; Portraits of Prominent Persons and Biographies of Representative Citizens. History of Illinois Embracing Accounts of the Pre-Historical Races; Aborigines, French, English and American Conquests, and a General Review of its Civil, Political and Military History. Digest of State Laws, by Chas. C. Chapman & Company. 963 pages, Illustrated, Originally published in 1879, includes new 59 page index.  EAD017-$20.00

Click here for Washington County - CD

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