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Native American Stories
See Also Native American Records, Reference & General

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Myths and Tales of the Jicarilla Apache Indians, by Edward Morris OplerMyths and Tales of the Jicarilla Apache Indians, by Edward Morris Opler. 406 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. Classic study of myths relating to creation, agriculture and rain, hunting rituals, coyote cycle, monstrous enemy stories, many more. ADD2075-$12.00

Myths of the Cherokee, by James MooneyMyths of the Cherokee, by James Mooney. 608 pages, 6x9", softbound book. Comprehensive selection of 126 myths, including sacred stories, animal myths, local legends, wonder stories, historical traditions, and miscellaneous myths and legends. Also, extensive background on Cherokee history, notes on the myths, parallels between Cherokee and other myths, much more. 20 maps and illustrations. ADD2073-$19.00

Indian Boyhood, by Charles A. EastmanIndian Boyhood, by Charles A. Eastman. approx 5x8", 298 pages. Chronicles first 15 years in life of a native Santee Sioux Indian in mid-19th century: childhood memories, training in the hunt, woodlore, religious practices, work of the medicine men, games, initiation rites, more. 13 illustrations. ADD399-$7.90

The Indian How Book, by Arthur C. ParkerThe Indian How Book, by Arthur C. Parker. approx 5x8", 336 pages. Enhanced by 51 illustrations, this eye-opening work tells how Native Americans made fire, teepees, bark houses, canoes, war bonnets, animal traps, fishhooks, arrowheads, wampum, masks, colors, rawhide, baskets, poetry, hats, and moccasins, plus how they courted, married, treated women, walked, bathed, smelled, cut their hair, told jokes, danced, sang, and much more. ADD402-$12.00

Indian Scout Craft and Lore, by Charles A. EastmanIndian Scout Craft and Lore, by Charles A. Eastman. approx 5x8", 190 pages. Autobiographical account of how Eastman became a young Indian scout reveals secrets of the Sioux: how to read footprints, hunt with a slingshot and bow and arrow, trap and fish, make canoe, build a campsite, much more. Also valuable information on the language of feathers, weather wisdom, storytelling, more. 27 illustrations. ADD398-$8.00

The Enchanted Moccasins and Other Native American Legends, by Henry R. SchoolcraftThe Enchanted Moccasins and Other Native American Legends, by Henry R. Schoolcraft. Approx. 5x8" Softbound book, 224 pages. Artfully woven by master storytellers and told to generations of Native American children around glowing lodge fires, here are 19 enchanting tales rife with legend, myth, and fairy tale magic. Children will thrill to Gray Eagle and His Five Brothers, He of the Little Shell, The Origin of the Robin, and other time-honored original stories. ADD669-$9.00

Native American Mythology, by Hartley Burr AlexanderNative American Mythology, by Hartley Burr Alexander. 384 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. This fascinating and informative compendium of Native American lore recounts the continent's myths chronologically and region-by-region, offering a wide range of nomadic sagas, animist myths, cosmogonies and creation myths, end-time prophecies, and other traditional tales. Legends include stories of sun worship, trickster pranks, the ghost world, and secret societies. Republication of the Boston, 1916 edition. ADD2070-$16.00

Native American Creation MythsNative American Creation Myths, by Jeremiah Curtin, 2004. 384 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. Every aboriginal nation has its gods, from whom the people receive all that they have, and all that they know. Traditional American Indian life revolved around communication with divinity, and these authentic stories about the origin of the earth and its creatures embody every facet of their culture — customs, institutions, and art. Unabridged republication of Creation Myths of Primitive America, Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 1898. ADD2069-$15.00

Navaho Indian Myths, by Aileen O’BryanNavaho Indian Myths, by Aileen O’Bryan. 208 pages, 6x9", softbound book. Rich compilation of tribal fables and legends recorded in the 1920s from an elderly Navaho chief. Myths include "The Creation of the Sun and Moon," "The Sun's Path," "The Maiden who Became a Bear," "The Making of the Headdress," "The Story of the Rain Ceremony and Its Hogan," and many more. ADD2074-$13.00

The Myths of the North American Indians, by Lewis SpenceThe Myths of the North American Indians, by Lewis Spence. 480 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. Rich anthology of the myths and legends of the Algonquins, Iroquois, Pawnees, and Sioux, prefaced by an extensive historical and ethnological commentary. Simply written tales of warrior rivalries, steadfast love, and victory over powerful forces are suitable reading for youngsters and entertaining enough for adults. 36 illustrations. ADD2072-$15.00

The Racing Turtle, Wyandotte Legends and Tales from a Chief - Leaford Bearskinwholesale price eligibleThe Racing Turtle, by Leaford Bearskin (Chief of the Wyandotte Nation) as told to Carrie Ann Cook, 1993. 5½x8½", softbound book, 18 pages, original artwork by Debra Warren Martin, The Storyteller I, Legends & Tales from A Chief. G536-$6.00

Seneca Indian Myths, Collected by Jeremiah Curtin, 2001, Orig. 1922. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 530 pages, glossary. AD902-$16.00

For other Native American books see also Reference, General, Oklahoma, and General Fiction Sections

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