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Shipping and Mailing Materials
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More about GCI mailing services.

Email us to request specific quotation or billing through PayPal.

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While many authors prefer to obtain mailing items locally, we have posted many of our optional mailers to help with the "one stop" publishing. If looking for other shipping needs, please realize that most of this page is geared for the book mailing population. These goods are also offered for those self-publishers that do their own printing and binding. We welcome requests for quotes for quantities of 500 or more and may even be of assistance in numbers as low as 25.

Go to USPS for FREE Priority class mailing products.

 Prices listed below are for our author/clients, a la carte, as listed below.
These items are also available with larger minimum order.

  • Note extra-large books will generally need larger mailing materials and cushioning/packing. 

  • No prices listed include shipping and processing and may change at any time without notice (S&H may, or may not, exceed the standard catalog charge of $12.00).

Emailor call us for optional quantities and sizes.
Prices or product may change without notice.

Make-A-Box (self adhesive cardboard)
Prices may change without notice - prices below are base lines and may vary.

Total variable mailing material!

This cohesive cardboard is non-tacky on the smooth side (outside).  The self adhering side (corrugated) is only sticky when touching itself.  Cut the length you wish, place the item on it (corrugated side in) and bring the edges together (as shown).  Press the ends together and you now have your item securely packaged in a corrugated sleeve/box.  For extra protection, one may wrap their item in bubble wrap or other void fill before "boxing".

Cohesive Corrugated Wrap
This can be used to package round, square, triangle, etc. shapes.  The packaging can also be used as extra packing (void fill) and/or sleeves in other shipped or mailed packages.

Depending on what your shipping needs are, you may choose this interesting option.  We use this for soft bound books, but it can require a bit of prep work.  Rolls of cardboard (as priced) come in 30 inch widths.  This means you can cut it (in half - 15" wide rolls/pieces) and mail at least 2 books (8.5x11" or less) with the same 30" length - an economical solution to using this high-end product. A very quick way to seem professional and not worry about extra cushioning material for lighter books.  How many book orders per roll depends on your book size, your preference of overlap size, etc.  We suggest allowing 2 ft. per standard genealogy book (8.5x11" - not too many pages) as a rule of thumb.  This is great for mailing almost anything else that needs a box too!

30"x50' roll - $77.00 +sh&h - Special Order

Also available in 250' rolls of 12", 18" and 24" width.

Non-adhesive corrugated rolls also available.

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Book Shipping Envelopes
Prices may change without notice - prices below are base lines and may vary.
Special Order

Mailing and storage envelopes are items that are usually easily obtainable on a local level.  If you plan to use envelopes, we suggest you double check local prices before ordering from us.

Tyvek (not padded)
Qty 100
$40.00 +sh&h

Padded Envelopes/Bags
Qty 100

Bubble Mailers (self seal)
Qty 100

Kraft Corrugated Mailers
Also available in white
Qty 200
$95.00 +sh&h

Click here for items suitable for binding and storage.

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Shipping Boxes (mailer/folder)
Prices may change without notice - prices below are base lines and may vary.
Special Order

Variable Depth (fold up) Boxes

11 1/8 x 8 5/8 x 2"
Qty 100
$80.00 +sh&h

11.25x8.75x2.25" (500 sheets/1 ream depth)
Qty 25 - $40.00 +sh&h
Qty 100 - $120.00 +sh&h

Great if you have more than one title to ship - one box works for different books rather than having 3 different boxes for 3 different thicknesses of  books.  This is our box of choice for standard mailings under 3".  For extra protection, one may wrap their item in bubble wrap or other void fill before boxing.

Fold up literature mailers can be used for any books under 3 inches.
Fold up box example

Double Ended Boxes
additional sizes available

standard book size
12 1.8 x 9 1/4 x 4" prices
Qty 50 - $90.00 +sh&h
Qty 100 - $140.00 +sh&h
additional depths available

business card size
4.75x3.5x2" (250 card quantity)
Qty 100 - $60.00 +sh&h
7x3.5x2" (500 card quantity)
Qty 100 - $75.00 +sh&h
additional depths available

These come flat (some folding required) for conservation of space and allow for more protection on the ends where most of the shipping wear and tear occurs.  For extra protection, one may wrap their item in bubble wrap or other void-fill before boxing.

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CD Mailers
Prices may change without notice - prices below are base lines and may vary.

Special Order
Below items are safe for primary shipping packaging,
may be used in conjunction with mailers.
See also envelopes & CD Storage/Packaging

White Board Mailers (self seal)
Qty 100 - $75.00 +sh&h

Qty 200 - $100.00 +sh&h
Qty 400 - $110.00 +sh&h
For mailing use of disk in jackets or sleeves.

White Corrugated Box Mailer (self seal)
Qty 50 - $50.00 +sh&h

Qty 100 - $75.00 +sh&h
For mailing one or two disks in jewel case.

White Board DVD Mailer (self seal)
Qty 200 - $95.00 +sh&h

Qty 400 - $170.00 +sh&h
For mailing disk in DVD case.

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