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Dear Author or Copyright Holder,

Thank you for your interest in us in respect to your forthcoming publication. While information about our most popular services can be found online, the range of our services are so vast that not all of them have been placed on our site, so if you have additional needs, please feel free to contact us as often as is necessary to be completely confident in your work. Our goal is to provide you the best quality for the money and personal one on one service.

We have many textures and colors of both soft and hard cover materials for you to choose from. In addition to versatile and economical full color covers, both soft and hard material bound books may be printed in brilliant foil or a variety of matte options. While most of our basic prices are for one color covers, full color can be achieved in soft and hard cover.  All are very attractive. With the rise in popularity of electronic publishing, we offer several different options and platforms for eBooks, and converting to electronic manuscript as well.

Please let us know if we can help with your questions further. Our Company is always anxious to help a new client in every way with their publication. Again, thank you for your interest.

Carrie Ann Cook
from our family to yours!

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Printing/Publishing Payment, Fees and Guarantee Policies

The Standard Publishing Payment Policy of this company is to accept ½ the estimate including printing, with the manuscript (or mailed with/before digital submittal); the second half of payment when the books are shipped to the bindery [customer will be billed].  Any final adjustments, such as shipping, that may be needed will be completed after the customer has received the book order. Click here for digital printing/publishing policy.

Pre-Press and Electronic Book Services Payment Policy, a retainer of $100 or full estimate (if smaller) is required to begin work. Final balance is required before finished work is returned to client.

A Shipping and Handling Deposit should be sent with deposit or will be collected in the second billing for the estimated delivery from the bindery.  If shipping is less than deposit, a refund will be issued after books have been received by customer.  If shipping is more than deposit, customer will be billed after shipping is complete.  Customers ordering 100 books or more - shipping to the bindery is FREE - shipping deposit is used from the bindery to a single specified delivery address. Click here for digital policy.

The Standard Manuscript Return Fee covers the insured return of the original manuscript, photos, etc. and is standard with offset printing, but optional with print on demand - due to the nature of the "original materials".

Upon receipt of the book order, the customer should check the order to assure that the correct number of books have arrived and that they are in satisfactory condition. If shipping damage has occurred, they should report it to the carrier.  The customer should then sign, date, and return an Original Material Release [enclosed with the book order] to the company, in order to receive their original materials by insured shipment.  If a release is not in any box of the order, the publisher should be notified immediately.

Guarantees - All reproduction is guaranteed to be within standards and all bindings are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. With regard to the occasional defective book, it is our policy to replace, repair, or adjust on such books.

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For Companion/Digital Basis

Consecutively numbered camera-ready copy, standard #50/60 white, buffered, acid free stock, offset printed front and back, in black of no more than 400 pages. More than 400 pages (oversized), other inks, paper colors, weights and combinations are available at additional cost.

Most line drawings, maps, documents, etc., can be used in-text and on some softbound covers, at no additional charge.

Standard photo page price includes straight edged pictures and light "touch up" as well as crop for effect. Any ovals, etc. will be cut with a straight edged background into a square or rectangle, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Deluxe and Standard hard covers of 100 pages or more include FREE spine imprint in your choice of several colors. Deluxe and Standard bindings include decorative spine bars. Full color covers imprint fully from cover to cover.

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This is the basis of our standard offset printing quote. If you have special needs, ask for a special quote.

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