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2017 Genealogy Conference
Bill Welge
Saturday, April 22, 2017 - Wyandotte Nation Cultural Center

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Refund/Payment Policy General

  • Are we going to River Bend or Wyandotte Nation?

  • I have special dietary concerns...

  • Do we need to pack pencil sharpeners?

  • I'd like to come, but what if I can't afford the cost in a single payment?

  • What about a refund, if I so desire?

  • What time is dinner with the speaker?

  • Can I just attend the Friday dinner with the speaker?

  • I can't seem to map the venue - help!

  • Q. Are we going to River Bend or Wyandotte Nation?
    A.  The day of instruction will take place at the Wyandotte Nation Museum on the old Seneca Indian School campus, Wyandot Nation. However, special overnight room rates are available at the new River Bend Hotel and Twin Bridges Restaurant is sending our box lunches for the day as well. Attendees of Friday dinner with the speaker will meet at Twin Bridges Restaurant at River Bend/Wyandotte Nation. For those familiar with the Wyandotte Nation Casino facility, this is the same venue that underwent re-branding in February, 2017.

    Q. I have special dietary concerns - will there be any adjustment allowed for me?
    A.  Our standard offerings will not take into account any special dietary needs.  However, if you contact us as soon as you register (or before April 1, 2017), we will do our best to see that there is something to meet your needs, however, no one with special requirements that have made prior arrangements will need to bring their own, or make the best out of the planned food offerings.

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    Q. Do we need to pack pencil sharpeners?
    A.  We will have a single electric one available.  If you have one you prefer, please bring your choice.

    Q. Can I just attend Friday dinner with the speaker?
    A.  Though dinner will be at one's own expense, the private dinning room will only be open to conference attendees.

    Q. I'd like to come, but what if I can't afford the cost in a single payment?
    A1. If you prefer, you can charge it using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard for a 5% surcharge. If this doesn't appeal, contact us to further discuss making two payments.

    Q. What if I register and can't come?
    A.  These registrations are fully transferable - give it to someone, or even turn it into a fundraiser for your organization with a silent auction - gifts to non-profits are tax deductible.  We only ask that you let us know, as soon as you know the new attendee, so that we can have correct name tags, etc. Change in attendee registration is free - no extra charge.  You may also eligible for a partial refund (see next), if preferred.

    Q. What about a refund, if I so desire?
    A. Various refunds are available by April 1 only and must be requested by canceling attendee.  After April 1, (2017) you surrender the total fee.  See above - these are transferable.

    • From paid reservation until March 15, a full refund of monies paid minus $10 fee.

    • Until April 1, a refund of monies paid of 50% is offered.

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    Page Last Updated: March 20, 2017

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