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2017 Genealogy Conference
Bill Welge
Saturday, April 22, 2017


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Wyandotte Nation Cultural Center (Museum)
5 Council Fire Road
Wyandotte Nation Campus - "on the hill", Wyandotte, Oklahoma

As always, consult your favorite Atlas, AAA, software or mapping website such as Google Maps for directions, or contact us for individual instructions.

Follow your favorite app/website/map directions to Highway 60, north of Wyandotte, Oklahoma

From Highway 60: Turn south on North Main Street/South 645 Road (between Turtle Stop and Church) and proceed past the Turtle stop parking lot, then take the first (Jackpot Place/Turtle Drive) or second (East Turtle Drive) turn to the west/right. Jackpot Place/Turtle drive and East Turtle Drive are two ends of the same road: Follow either drive around the fitness center and you will see the museum on Council Fire Road to the south on the "back side" of the fitness center.

From River Bend: Take Live It Up Lane (in front of casino/hotel) or Jackpot Place (in back) to T at Turtle Drive. At T turn right (south). Follow drive up the hill and behind the fitness center - you will see the museum on Council Fire Road to the south on the "back side" of the fitness center.

Image taken from Google Satellite Maps 2-27-17 and marked for these purposes.

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