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Q. Can Gregath still publish my work if I don't get accepted into the Royalty Program?
A. Yes: We always encourage rights holders to fund their own publishing, but we now have a print on demand program that may suit your needs.

If accepted into the royalty program, many authors are interested in a bit more information about what the programs entail.  Because of this, we've developed this frequently asked questions pages.  

Q. If I sign the royalty agreement with GCI, can I still self publish or publish through other companies/channels?
A. You retain all of your rights. The GCI contract is non-exclusive: While we hope you will use GCI for all of your publishing needs, it is not required. GCI does request notification of other publishing activity as it may ultimately effect status of lower selling, traditionally published titles.

Q. Does this program transfer my rights to my work?
A. No - the program allows you to give permission for reproduction specified in the contract only.  You retain all of your rights.

Q. What does electronic form mean?
A. A1. On the traditional 15% contract - CD/PDF (Adobe) format, which may include restricted printing and sharing.
A2. For Smashwords 50% contract - downloadable via Smashwords in PDF, EPUB, HTML, RTF, Palm Doc, LRF, Kindle (mobi), and plain text formats.

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Q. How many books do you print at one time for traditional 15% contract?
A. This depends on projected yearly sales...If it looks like we might sell 5 in a year, we usually print 6, if it looks like we might sell 200 in a year, then approximately 200 would be printed then re-evaluated.

Q. Do you wait until a certain number are ordered: Say 20 orders, then print 40 copies?
A. As soon as we receive the manuscript (unless otherwise specified), we send it into very small limited production and it stays in print from that time. Infrequently there is the exception resulting in unforeseen backorders, when more orders than anticipated arrive and the new printing is not complete.

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Q. If I buy books from you, do I still make the 15% on those books?  Or do I get a discount on books I may want to order?
A. A. For a book here and there, you'd order like everyone else and get the 15% back annually. Additionally, if a discount (wholesale, pre-publication, etc.) is extended for your title, you are eligible to order at that reduced price.  However, since you still retain all your rights, you can have us (or anyone else) print small quantities for yourself at any time based on current cost.

Q. Is there a cost for storage of royalty program books?
A. No

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Q. Please give me an estimate to what traditional 15% is actually equal.  About what do I earn on each book?
A. Depends on quantity printed for each printing and what we decide to sell the book for.  Before being accepted into the program, we will not "do the math" on a project, as we feel all royalty books are worth the expense due to their nature.  Additionally, 15% may be a different figure for different printings in a given year.  The breakdown will be included in the annual check and report mailing.

Q. Please give me an estimate to what Smashwords 50% is actually equal.
A. The publisher will work with the Smashwords royalty contract holder to reach a sales price before any work proceeds on the publication. The contract holder will be paid on half of all sales annually.

Q. What sort of distribution system do you have in place for your royalty books?
A. Our standard marketing is to place it in our online catalog and give it a turn as the catalog spotlight, inclusion in our Smashwords catalog as well as the next printed catalog, sometimes we do a press release online while providing you with copies for local distribution.  We may also print a limited number of flyers you can network with and may go as inserts to book buyers.  Additionally, we carry royalty books with us to most genealogy events we exhibit at, post it on an elist or two, etc. Many royalty books also carry a Gregath ISBN, which lists it in Books in Print.

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Q. Do you secure the ISBN, register the title with Amazon and major book sellers or do any sales and marketing? 
A. Many times for a royalty book we will assign it an ISBN (always with Smashwords), though this is not a term of the traditional contract.  If you feel a 15% contract book would benefit from an ISBN, you can secure one through us for our standard fee. An ISBN is what many book stores use for their list of "special order" books.  At this time, we don't register with Amazon for traditional royalty, though Smashwords Editions are.

Do not send originals or manuscripts at this point!
No submitted approval materials will be returned.

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Thank you for your interest.

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