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Print On Demand (POD)

General Information | Getting Started
What does Gregath Do? | Tips for if accepted

POD program application and further information

or Digital Printing - do your own POD for 100% profit!
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Don't already have your manuscript digitized? We offer that service!

If you feel like you are banging your head against the wall trying to produce your research/work in small quantities for a few people, we'd like to help ease your way to success.

Put our experience to work for you!

We have been a printer, publisher and bookseller since 1970. In the past years, it has been noted that there is an increase of authors who only want a few books for close family members, as well as those who wish to make it available electronically.  If this is your goal or you just don’t want to “hassle” with marketing your work to the public for a profit, a print run of 100 or even 10 may seem like overkill.  Because of this, and “quickie copy” horror stories, we would like to help you publish your printed or electronic publication. 

Our personal program is an easy way to publish completed work without going to a lot of expense, or setting up your own mail order system. It is an easy way for the individual author or group with a few publications to publish. Businesses and organizations with large backlists should contact GCI for commercial solutions.

This program is not meant as a substitute for self publishing, but rather an option to get work in print that would not be put in print (or returned to print) through normal publishing avenues.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 - Start with a genealogy or history digital manuscript that is either

  • owned by you (Copyright holder) or
  • you have an exclusive, legal contract to publish (copy of documentation must be provided to GCI) that allows for these program terms

Do you have a manuscript that would be one of the above, but it's not digital?
Contact GCI to see about free or reduced cost of digitization.

2 - Read over this information page and application and decide if the terms are right for you! After reading, contact us with any questions you have.

3 - After all your questions have been answered,  submit the application - with any supporting documentation.

Gregath will review and contact you about contracting for the program and publication particulars. If not accepted into this program, you can POD yourself - and have Gregath ship directly to the book buyer, without having to share profit through CGI's program.

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Disadvantages to this program
Gregath alternatives include Self Publication and Royalty

  • Authors do not have access to contact information of book buyers for further networking, promotion, and genealogical use.
  • Books are available for purchase at all times, but may not quickly available for use and enjoinment for new readers or last minute special events.
  • Book marketing is mainly done with a "write for current price" - making ordering more difficult than at a set price.
  • Authors see a fraction of the profit they would if they funded a small publishing.
  • The structure of this program all but eliminates impulse purchases.

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Camera-Ready Digital Print Manuscript Basis (CRDPM or CRCMM): We accept two different types:

  1. From disk (USB, CD, etc.) in formats such as PDF, MS Word and Publisher – inquire about your format.

  2. Hard copy - document feedable (no paste up, attachments, gummy labels, etc.), single sheets printed one side, all same size. Note:  two sided manuscripts can sometimes create quality difficulties; therefore, we discourage such practices.

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