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About Us...Fredas Cook spot checking in-line print quality

Since 1970, Gregath Company, Inc. has had a two-fold goal:

  • First, to provide quality service and products at affordable rates;

  • Second, to assist each client in every way possible to ensure his or her book is a success. We have been involved in genealogical research, writing and teaching for over 50 years. Carrie Cook speaking at 2011 Retreat in the WoodsWe have enjoyed our affiliation with the original publishing and commercial printing industry for 40 of those years. Four generations of our family have been active in Gregath Co., Inc.

We are not a huge, automated clearinghouse where every book is just a job number. Every author is valued for his or her individuality and vision. With two generations of our family currently working in the business, we put a lot of family in the books we publish.

Who's Who

Carrie, Fredas, and Fredrea
 Carrie, Fredas, and Fredrea Cook

Our Founder, Ann Gregath

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Gregath Publishing began with family members striving for excellence in their own publishing. It quickly grew to include fellow researchers seeking the same high quality published work to last generations. When our first office began in-house production, our name expanded to The Gregath Publishing Company.

Our family business, at one time, operated the Eastern Division (Ann Gregath, Cullman, Alabama) and the Mid-West Division (Fredas, Fredrea & Carrie Cook, Wyandotte, Oklahoma). We have continued to grow in scope, equipment and size, while maintaining its one-to-one family business philosophy. The Eastern Division formally closed January 26, 2001. In 2010, with another generation semi-retiring, the business has Incorporated and continues to work with publishing clients from all walks of life that run the spectrum from hard-copy manuscripts to fully electronic publication.

Fredrea Cook speaking at 2011 Retreat in the WoodsGregath Company, Inc. deals primarily in printing and publishing, in the fields of genealogy and history. This includes books (original and reprint hardbound, softbound, electronic, etc.), monthly and quarterly publications, and newsletters - as well as more standard magazine formats. We require each employee to be knowledgeable in printing, reprinting and original publishing, as well as a working knowledge genealogy and history, to insure the correctness and quality of the product and the satisfaction of our clients.

We like to remind the public that there are numerous grades and colors of paper, inks, and cover materials available to them, from simple black and white to the more exotic combinations. Affordable, durable color covers are still a new enough service that staffers love to work with customers on this. Computer technology provides us quite a few ways for us to help authors publish their work, beyond the least expensive published, softbound, book.

As a full service printer/publisher, Gregath Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of services and products for writers, genealogists and historians. Many of these are included in our web site, and are not limited to pre-press, printing and publishing. Our staff is available as exhibitors and speakers or to consult on projects face-to-face.  Additionally, the company offers hosted research travel packages, monthly online free magazine, catalog bookstore, web services, hosting an annual genealogy event and more.  We look forward to serving you in every way that we can. We are anxious to help you complete a successful project.

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