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Genealogy Escape 2018
Monday and Tuesday, March 26-27, 2018

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Carrie Ann Cook

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Carrie Cook at Cherokee Strip Heritage Center, Enid, OK 2011Carrie Ann Cook is a published author, illustrator, free-lance photographer. Her college degrees include an Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. In the past she has served the Miami (Oklahoma) Public Library as Genealogy and Local History Specialist.  Having certified for teaching in several states, she has taught public elementary school as well as genealogy, writing and computer classes at the Northeast Technology Center, Afton, Oklahoma. Currently, she is the President of Gregath Company, Inc. and Webmaster of assorted sites. Carrie has been active in various genealogy, speaking and history organizations (including service and lineal) throughout the years. She served the Oklahoma Division UDC for the 2008-2010 administration as state Historian as well as currently holding several assorted chapter offices in other organizations. At the age of 47, she had already been public speaking on genealogical, historical and writing/publishing topics for over two decades.  A life long learner, she enjoys new insights offered while attending educational opportunities such as Historical Preservation Conferences, National Institute of Genealogical Research (National Archives), Southern California Genealogy Jamboree, and Federation of Genealogical Societies. She has also presented lectures at several annual FGS events.


Beyond Preservation by Publishing: Sharing your family history through alternate editions
2:45 PM - Tuesday

Writing the definitive history book on your family is an admirable pursuit - and wonderful accomplishment. However, it can easily become ones life's work, and many family members would prefer to enjoy the fruits of your labor as it is compiled. In the 21st Century, a book can mean so many more things than just paperback or hard bound. For every way there is to share your hard won family knowledge, there is a family member who will thank you for it. This session will take a look at a few different edition formats and types. Preserving the past is a living project for both you and future generations.

Every Penny Counts: 21st Century ways to reduce your budget to increase genealogy resources
8:30 AM - Tuesday

Can't get on the bandwagon with the coupon clipping craze or haven't tried smart phone apps for savings yet? This session will show a few ways a smart phone can help you conserve your cash flow using apps and digital coupons. Whether you use your new found savings for further research projects, donate it to your favorite charity or organization, or keep it for a rainy day - the choice is yours.

Using Excel to Compile Facts - Making Publications and Communication Easier
8:30 AM - Monday

Everyone with Microsoft Office should be familiar with Excel - but many don't recognize the value as a genealogy compilation tool. Almost any data that can be recorded on a genealogy form may be placed in Excel. We will illustrate two positive things about taking the time to learn how to use Excel: 1) Quick resorting of information - based on any set of facts, 2) When used with other programs, the data from Excel can automatically be placed into book/paragraph format, personalized letters, directories, etc.

School Publications: Valuable Printed Resources
1:30 PM - Monday

Educational publications, especially in less settled areas, may be a community’s only printed publication: Mainstream newspapers that feature high school news or internal publications that cover an entire system, yearbooks, programs and more. While not as comprehensive as actual records, publications may be more accessible due to their production and the distance material may have spread. Many times these are overlooked as childish activities, while publications may provide further information than documented in records (if available). Many publications are, at best, surviving as keepsakes: They should be celebrated and preserved. Examples will be used to illustrate types of information that may be found.

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