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Genealogy Escape 2018
Monday and Tuesday, March 26-27, 2018

Sourcebooks/syllabus for most past workshops are available for $10.00 each - inquire.

Packing Ideas

Pack for comfort - this escape is not meant to be a "dress to impress" event: Downstream is a fully-accessible resort. Do include any special needs (such as a handicap room or shellfish allergy) in your registration form, so you can get the most out of your escape. Note anything you did not pack that isn't available onsite is probably no further than a 15 minute drive away in Joplin, Missouri.

Below are some general suggestions.
It should by no means be taken as a "master list".

Clothing:  Wear comfortable clothes - this is your escape, not fashion week.  If you feel comfy in sweats, skirts, jeans, slacks, etc. - pack them: Daisy dukes and flip flops are OK, as long as attendees are reasonably covered - be courteous to your fellow attendees. Anyone who has attended a gathering know that a room temperature may be perfect for some, while being very warm or chilly for others. Because of this, some may consider layers a good idea, where others may actually pack their fleece cozy to wrap up in during classes. Our staff will probably again be in their Genie Junkie t-shirts, jeans/pants & layers.

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, hairbrush/comb, hygiene items, lip balm, magnifying mirror, nail file/clippers/tweezers, razor, shampoo/conditioner/additional products, soap, glasses cleaner, contact lenses/solution.  Much of this is provided in your room, with other necessities just a call to the desk away, but you may prefer your own.

Lawn Chair/Cushion(s): Even "comfy" seating doesn't always agree with our backs or joints for a full day of sitting.

Snacks: Alternate food and drink choices may be brought for time away from the classroom. Downstream also has several choices if you prefer to purchase additional onsite - from coffee counter to full bars, 6 different restaurants and full time room service (additional charge). All rooms contain coffee maker and mini-fridge.  Complementary coffee, tea, and soft drinks are available 24/7 a short walk onto the gaming floor.  Any mini/honor bar selections available are NOT included an any retreat package.

Other Useful Items: Genealogy, Genealogy, Genealogy!

  • favorite note taking material/office supplies (pen, pencil, eraser, highlighter, post-its/flags, paper, folders, paper clips, etc.)

  • prescriptions (medical list and instruction copies in case of emergency)

  • neck supporter

  • coffee mug (go green!) - rather than use disposable cups (provided)

  • sport bottle/lidded mug or tumbler - to carry your beverage with you (cups will be available onsite) while within the casino/hotel buildings. Do not expect to be allowed to remove any filled container from the building, or to use glass around pools/whirlpools.

  • camera/film (may not be used on gaming floor)
  • laptop or other wireless devices (wireless internet service provided building wide)

  • other electronic gadgets as you see fit

  • reading material - printed or eReader

Additional items probably available in gift shop, but you may wish to pack your own

  • Small sewing kit

  • aspirin/Tylenol

  • antacid/Pepto, etc.

  • band-aids


Limited snacks and drinks are available during the event as part of most packages.

Absolutely no firearms or illegal drugs allowed on the premises.

Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel or meeting area.

No Personal Pets allowed in the hotel or casino
Contact us if planning to bring a service animal

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