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Genealogy Escape 2018
Monday and Tuesday, March 26-27, 2018

Sourcebooks/syllabus for most past workshops are available for $10.00 each - inquire.


Refund/Payment Policy General

Q. Though the classroom package is economical, is there any way I can come for less?
A1. Referral Bonuses are back again this year! For every regular paid registration (Speakers and Returnees not applicable) who verify you referred them, you will earn a $5 referral bonus. Referral bonus (refund) checks will be included in camp packets and are surrendered if attendance is canceled. Attendees can earn reduced registration this way.

A2. An early bird discount is available through October 1, 2017 - save $15.00 - EXPIRED

A3. A loyalty discount is available through February 1, 2018 for everyone who has been to a Gregath event before - save $5.00 - click here for registration form

A4. Consider joining us for one day only ($100.00) - click here for registration form

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Q. What is the least registration deposit that will reserve my space?
$75.00: Payments are accepted but your space is not guaranteed. If space is still available and payment total has not been received by package deadline, registration changes to the next expensive/deadline package. Totals of $75 or less will be refunded fully if space is no longer available.

Q. What if I want to come, but can't make "check in", would like to combine this with seeing friends, or wish to leave early?
A. While we like to foster the "back to camp" atmosphere as you escape daily life, it's quite easy to make any arrival/departure arrangements you prefer in 2018: Please be advised though, the earlier you let us know, the more seamless your plans will fit into the larger agenda. We only ask that you don't expect non-escape attendees to eat with the group or sit in on classes, while in the classroom.

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Q. I would like to bring my husband (or wife). Can we room together?
A. Yes - if both are attending the retreat, just list each other as room mates. If only one in a couple wishes to attend the retreat, our "single" supplement for a Queen/Queen room is $60.00 in 2018. If booking extra nights through Gregath, $120.00 each (can be split between room occupants).

Q. Will there be sleeping arrangements for guys?
A. Yes. Though traditionally, mostly girls attend our retreats, guys are not left out - though room mate "matching" may not be possible and single supplement ($60.00/2018) for full retreat package may be required. If booking extra nights through Gregath, $120.00 each (may be split between room occupants).

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. While pets sometimes need escapes too, no personal pets are allowed in the main complex - where we will be eating and attending lectures. 
If you can travel by RV, Downstream may offer a solution, inquire about arrangements.

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Q. Will there be extra paperwork and releases, like in the past?
A. Yes - Attendees will be getting forms, similar to the example, in their pre-registration information "packet" - 2011 example:
Gregath Health & Safety Policy/Release

Q. I don't agree to everything covered by the above release, what then?
A. You can
contact us
with questions or concerns about the release, however if you don't agree, we can not welcome you to the retreat.

Q. I have special dietary concerns - will there be any adjustment allowed for me?
A.  Our standard offerings will not take into account any special dietary needs.  However, if you contact us as soon as you register (or before February 15, 2018), we will do our best to meet dietary requests (shell fish, vegetarian, gluten, etc.), however, no one with special requirements that have made prior arrangements will need to bring their own, or make the best out of the planned food offerings.

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Q. Do we need to pack pencil sharpeners?
A.  We will have a single electric one available.  If you have one you prefer, please bring your choice.

Q. Is there internet access?
A. Yes - free of charge in your rooms and public spaces in the hotel as well as the classroom.

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Q. Are there electrical outlets in the rooms?
A. Yes

Q. Any ideas on how to get HOT water to make tea, etc.?
A. Yes - you have a coffee maker in your room.

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Q. Will there be lots of genealogy shopping opportunities?
A. No - no vendor/exhibitor space is being sold, as the retreat should be free of all stresses, including what books can you buy with this month's budget.  However, speakers may have supporting source material for sale. Additionally, internet shopping is always an option for those with the desire. However, Downstream does have a fine gift shop.

Q. Where will the sessions take place exactly?
A. We will meet on Monday and Tuesday in one of the ground level in one of the meeting rooms in the conference center - TBA. Pre-retreat bonus will be held in the Gregath suite. Kappa Tower, room number - TBA.

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Q. Will there be vending machines?
A. Yes: As well as being able to purchase snacks in the gift shop, several food and bar opportunities and free soft drink and coffee stations on the gaming floor 24 hours a day. This is no guarantee that your preferred snack or drink will be available on site, but Joplin, Missouri is just a short drive.

Q. I only drink decaffeinated coffee, will it be available?
A. While it will be available in the lecture area for meals and "snack time", it can also always be found on the gaming floor (free of charge) and there is a gourmet coffee area in the hotel lobby that is currently open during the day.

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Q. I'd like to come, but what if I can't afford the cost in a single payment?
A1. If you prefer, you can charge it using PayPal, Visa or MasterCard for a 5% surcharge. If this doesn't appeal, contact us to further discuss making monthly payments. 
A2. You may choose to make payments with Gregath: Any arranged payments will be smaller the earlier you register. If you wait and space is still available, the monthly payments (as well as total cost) will be more than if you start now.
A $75.00 balance is required to reserve your space.

Q. If I choose to make payments, will I be billed monthly?
A.  The choice to make payments is yours, therefore you will be accountable for your own schedule. To help with this, we suggest you mark your calendar on the 15th - for each month - as soon as you send in your deposit. We may also send email reminders, but they should not be expected.

Q. What if I choose to make payments and miss one?
A.  Some latitude is given: However, if you miss a payment, the following payment must be made on time (by the 15th) and include both month's payments, or be subject to cancellation. Full payment must be made by February 15, (2018) or you registration is voided. Partial refunds (see below) may be requested before January 1, 2018.

Q. What if I register and can't come?
A.  These registrations are fully transferable - give it to someone, or even turn it into a fundraiser for your organization with a silent auction - gifts to non-profits are tax deductible.  We only ask that you contact us, as soon as you know the new attendee, so that we can have correct name tags, etc. Also, if the gender of the registration changes, rooms will need re-assigned.  Change in attendee registration is free - no extra charge.  You may also eligible for a partial refund (see next), if preferred.

Q. What about a refund, if I so desire?
A. Various refunds are available by January 1 only and must be requested by canceling attendee.  After January 1, (2018) you surrender the total fee.  See above - these are transferable.
















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