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Genealogy Escape 2018
Monday and Tuesday, March 26-27, 2018

Dorothy BecknellDorothy Becknell

Tulsa Genealogical Society

Dorothy serves as President of the Tulsa Genealogical Society. She is beginning her second three year term for the group as well as being their Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. In her genealogy endeavors, her record keeping software of choice is Family Tree Maker. She is a seasoned presenter within the organization, speaking on such topics as computer skills including Microsoft Excel, Publisher, and Word in addition to OneNote. Dorothy holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.


Using Microsoft OneNote for Organizing Genealogy Research:

The days are long gone when we kept pedigree charts on paper, our correspondence was done by snail mail and when our research was copied onto paper and stacked neatly - waiting to be filed. Now we have genealogy software to help keep our information all together. However, even then it is quite intimidating to keep it organized.

OneNote can do the organization for you - you can always have it on hand as it works across your digital devices. Be sure to attend this session, as we explore the tips and tricks of using powerful tool. You'll never go back to paper.

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